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Sizegenetics Review


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For some men, the size of their penis can set them up for low self-esteem and difficulties in relationships. The area of sports can become impossible for men with small penises. The shared locker rooms and showers leaving them open to mocking and laughing from their peers. It’s no wonder that these young men avoid what would otherwise be a healthy, esteem building activity.

In relationships, the problems can go even deeper. That first moment of intimacy can become a moment of shame instead of the loving memory it should be. A partner may mock or laugh at him. She may even cheat stating that she can’t get satisfaction since the penis doesn’t go deep enough. A man’s self-esteem may become so poor that he loses all interest in sexual activity or is unable to keep an erection.

Many men will even become depressed feeling they will never have a normal intimate relationship and are doomed to a life alone. If the depression is deep enough or lasts for more than a few weeks, he may even need medication. Also, suicidal ideology can go along with depression creating a life-threatening condition.


Sizegenetics penis extender


Peyronies and Micro Penis

Peyronie’s is the official name for a curved penis. It’s no laughing matter, not only does the penis look different, opening the way to laughter and teasing, it can make sex painful or even impossible. Micropenis is a medical condition where an adult male’s length is less than two inches. Men with of these medical conditions may never be able to have a normal sex life but they also commonly suffer from low self-esteem.

Is There Any Solution?

There certainly is a solution available. It’s not pills or surgery rather it’s a penis extender. I know, everyone has heard of these, and their reputation isn’t good. Many are uncomfortable to use; some are even dangerous. Almost all of them don’t work or if they do the results disappear within a few days. I’m talking about something different, I’m speaking about the sizegenetics penis extender.

This extender has been approved by the FDA and has a CE certificate declaring it to be a level one medical device. It’s been recommended by doctors. It’s safe and comfortable. Best of all it really works. The result can bolster self-esteem and make sporting activities a joy. Most important of all it opens up a world of relationships without the shame and fear the man is used to.


The Sizegentic Penis Extender

The sizegenetics extender offers the latest in technology. It creates 2,800 grams of tension, more than 50% more than other extenders. I will explain the importance in the next paragraph. It’s remarkably comfortable meaning that the man is more likely to want to use it.

Most men state that they have had results of over 1.5 inches within the first five months with a total of two extra inches within a year. The best part is that the results don’t go away quickly. Many men state that their orgasms are more intense after using the sizegenetic extender. Of course, their partners report the same thing. It’s easy to see why many of the self-esteem and confidence issues are left behind.

For those suffering from a curved or micro penis receive the same benefits with some users stating that their penis completely straightened out allowing them a sexual relationship for the first time.


Sizegenetics in action

How Does The Sizegenetics Extender Work?

Think of a weight lifter, as he slowly increases the amount of weight he lifts he causes small micro-tears within the muscle tissue. As these tears heal, the muscle becomes larger and firmer. It also causes the muscle to hold in more blood.

While it’s not exactly the same process since the penis isn’t a muscle the process is similar. The tension creates a slow, steady and gentle pull along the corpora cavernosa ( the vessel inside the penis that holds the blood required for an erection). This causes the cells to pull away and split. As the area heals, the penis becomes longer and better able to hold a larger amount of blood causing the penis to become larger.

Here is where the amount of tension becomes important. The more tension, the greater the stretch. The sizegentic extender offers 50% more tension than other products. However, it’s been found completely safe for use and is painless for almost all men.


Who Can Use The Sizegenetic Extender?

The extender can be used by any man who feels the need. It’s safe to use to increase penis length, even with a curved penis. Starting lengthened does not interfere at all with its use. It should be noted though that the extender is not intended to increase girth and doesn’t.


Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros that are numerous and found at not only the product website but also on the blogs of several men.

Mark says that while the starter edition works the deluxe model is much more comfortable meaning that he can wear it more often leading to better and faster results.

  • Many men commented on how easy the product is to use.
  • The greatest results are almost always within the first five months.
  • The average length increase is around 2.2 inches
  • It can be worn under clothes without being seen.
  • Because there is no pain for most men, it can be used more frequently than other extenders.
  • Gary stated that the curve in his penis was eliminated allowing him pain-free sex for the first time.


Now for the cons


  • This extender is not a quick fix. It may take a few months to see the improvement.
  • Customers don’t have many purchase options as it’s only available from the sizegenetics website.
  • It can be expensive with the lesser priced starter extender going for $199.
  • At least one review complained of pain, it should be noted that he was using the starter extender and not the deluxe.
  • Individual results will vary as always. It is not guaranteed to work but if it doesn’t it’s easy to get a refund.
  • The extender does not increase girth.


Sizegenetics money back guarantee



If you find yourself suffering over the size of your penis or a curvature of the penis you don’t need to suffer quietly any longer. The sizegentic extender is safe and pain-free. You know it’s safe since it has been approved by the FDA, and it is a certified medical device that’s often recommended by doctors.

There is no need to live feeling shame and low-self esteem. You needn’t be afraid during that first romantic encounter wondering if she will laugh or need to lie about being satisfied. Just think, you could have a normal loving relationship with your partner. No more depression, you can join in sporting activities or use any locker room. Public urinals don’t need to make you feel uncomfortable. By using the sizegentic extender all of that can be in the past.



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